Thoughts that cross my mind!

I am Prerana. Just Prerana for now!

I wanted to start writing since so long but today was the day that it had to start.

Everyday lots of things cross our minds. Our blood boils on many things. Our heart melts on many things. And what do we do about it? Be Silent! Or would debate or discuss over it.

I am not here to give any gyaan as I do nothing different. Yes, but one thing that I feel I do differently is, from every incidence I learn and I evolve as a human. I become more sensitive. I become less judgmental.

Life gives us difficulties to teach us something. Life shows us difficult times so that we can learn from it. I have always believed that we should learn from our as well as others mistakes.

In my posts I would be writing my mistakes and what I have learnt from them!

My mistakes and struggles make me a better person. Mistakes teach me new lessons, struggles make me more sensitive towards others.




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